I am a Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, a Neighbor, and Friend. I am an
Published Author, Radio Show Host/Producer, Creator of a line of natural skin care products.
Of all the things I have been blessed to do and be, a grandmother is the most
rewarding of all...

"It is as grandmothers that we as mothers come into the fullness of our grace"

Quote inspired by Christopher Morley

Love was the ultimate motivator...
My grandson, like so many, suffered from eczema. It pained me to see him resisting the
urge to scratch and sometimes crying in pain. Over the years my daughter sought
solutions from multiple doctors who provided various topical ointments. Those
treatments did not seem to help and at times seemed to worsen his condition. My
grandson’s pain and discomfort motivated me to spend countless hours and
expend substantial effort in pursuit of a solution. The research of natural ingredients,
essential oils, and their benefits was a labor of love. Sharing the fruits of that labor is
a blessed reward. Each success fueled a desire to expand our pursuit of wellness to
include not just our bodies but our emotional and mental wellness.

DNA Hair & Body MOISTURE BUTTER is the product of that labor and the desire to
provide others with the relief that my (now 14 year old) grandson enjoys. Our Products
are lovingly formulated and rely on the best ingrediants mother nature can provide.
DNA represents two concepts: the Divine Nature of (God) in all of us and our own
personal DNA - the blueprint for health and wellness.

Loveyou 19 is a brand like no other brand. The name in it self tells you what we are all about and it gives expression to who we are and who we are striving to be. This means love is contained in everything that we do... it's in every creation every product every service we provide is powered by the energy of love... 
The Love of God.
The  love of self. 
The love of family. 

The love of community.
The love of Humanity.